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Lady Kyra Leanan is a trained magic worker, spiritual coach and gifted psychic who is clairvoyant, clairaudient and a contacted seer with over 20 years of experience. She is also the creatrix of blessed magical items that are fit for home or office.

She is an insightful, compassionate, honest and caring intuitive reader who practices the old world technique of casting bones on a cloth and reading the patterns found within. Other tools of divination that are used as her helping spirits direct are Tarot, playing cards, a pendulum and St. Michael cards.

As a contacted seer, she also communicates with the spirit world and may receive messages and images from her client’s beloved dead and spirit guides during her readings.

She is able to diagnose what spiritually ails you and prescribe work that either you can do at home or that she can do for you

She can coach you through the changing tides of life and the obstacles that we all face from time to time and empower you as you grow and change.

She can mentor you in the magical arts to increase your confidence, knowledge base and build your personal magical toolbox.

She can create custom life milestone rituals that she can perform for you at the site of your choosing such as a wedding. Call for prices

She is in service to the divine and her heart fills with joy when helping others to realize their potential and when assisting people in dealing with life's challenges.

Lady Kyra Leanan is formally trained in many spiritual and healing disciplines, including Reiki, Faery Seership, Rootwork/Conjure, and British Traditional Witchcraft. She is ever expanding her knowledge and is currently becoming a certified psychic medium.

She has a dedicated and sanctified temple space in which she does her spiritual work and readings for others. It is here that she communes with the various spirits that work with her, such as St. Michael the Archangel, her beloved ancestors, and the Fae.

She will be the friendly ear that listens and the messenger of spirit that gives loving, but firm guidance to help you step out of old patterns and into new areas of growth and development.

As an ordained minister, Wiccan High Priestess and spiritual coach, Lady Kyra Leanan can give you direction and help you along your life's path, where ever it leads you.


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